Sell, they tell us

Sell sell sell

Brand and market and filet your soul open

For the world to see

I don’t want to sell

Or buy

I just want to be.

Everything worthwhile in life

Is actually free.

Shhh, I think I hear

The capitalists coming for me.

2 thoughts on “Free

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  1. Wow! This was the deal maker! Your poem, I mean!

    Here’s a bit of context:

    I’m browsing on a website filled with stupid people that discuss things they really don’t understand but it happen to be one of the few places where you can see Ukraine War-related videos and other breaking news that will be shown on the media with a delay of 2/3 days…

    By mistake, I clicked the ‘Funny’ section and see that someone has collated a number of titles of articles it appears you wrote. A real emotional rollercoaster…

    I had to search you on Google to see if such instability and flip-flopping really exists or it was a doctored, femminist-bashing meme…

    It seems none of the articles on the meme are featured on your blog… So I got to ask…
    Did you remove them?


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