~ amnesia ~

Memory, it’s so faulty, isn’t it?

Forgot how sweet the air sits against my skin here

Not the birdsong, never that,

But still it rings anew, like I’ve not heard it clearly until today

Is it me? Have I changed?

Or do we simply push away

The temptation of memories that will us to stretch ourselves further

We tell ourselves, no, we must be exaggerating

We must have forgotten the sour parts

It cannot be that good

But what if you allow yourself to acknowledge the deep knowing 

That it is?

Even if that truth threatens to blow apart all that your world now is?

We are more afraid to step into the unknown that could be greater than we ever dreamed

Than to stick, stuck, planted in ground

That no longer nourishes 

Perhaps never did. 

When fear and comfort rule

We lose the infinite depth

Of what could be.

We forfeit our beautiful possibility.

Afraid, exhausted, lost and exposed

We shudder back into our spot in line


Because this, this we know.

That is shadowy, that is blank

We won’t walk blindly into the light

That could also be night.

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