– wrong –

Am I a sociopath? Or just traumatized? Do I really care either way?  I like what I like I want what I want I know what I know Would knowing the origin  Of what, who, why I am  Change anything Or would it only make me feel  Wrong For being what, who, why I am?... Continue Reading →


Fresh blood Pumping Unbridled Unleashed What is the fear? Pain? Pain is merely a perception A perspective A place that feels like home. Time to choose New ways to transform What's familiar Into what's transcendent. We choose the suffering we know Over the possibility of bliss Because the suffering is certain. Fucked up, but undeniable.... Continue Reading →

The Procrastination Method

How do you manage? He asks. How do you keep going When it feels like your soul is breaking into bits You can’t breathe You can’t move All you want is for existence to cease When you forget that sometimes it’s all okay Good, even How do you survive? Weather the storm, so to speak.... Continue Reading →

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